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  1. Heather Glenn

    Hello! I am a Dental Hygiene student looking for patients. Teeth cleaning, oral exam, x-rays, polishing, and fluoride all for $20! Concorde Career College 12951 Euclid Street Garden Grove. Call (714)703-1900 extension 1056 and ask to make an appointment with Heather Glenn. Thank you!

  2. Sentelle

    Heart Health and Pollution Study pays seniors 65 and older.
    Elevated levels of air pollution have been linked to hospitalization and premature death from cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses in seniors.
    In order to learn more about why these associations were found, researchers from UC Irvine and USC are conducting a research project to study the specific effects of outdoor air pollutants on heart and lung health.
    This study is not a drug trial nor does it involve medical treatments of any kind.
    Residents are eligible to participate if they:
    * Are able to carry out the study tasks which require light activity;
    * Live in the study area – Anaheim, Fullerton, Buena Park, Garden Grove;
    * Are retired with no work outside the study area; and
    * Are at least 65 years old.
    Residents are not eligible to participate if they:
    * Are current smokers or are on dialysis or have renal failure or have active cancer.
    Compensation: (Qualified participants only)
    Payment of $30 for each of the 12 weekly visits (up to $360.00).
    Free lung, cardiovascular, and blood tests included.
    If you are interested in participating in this important study, or if you have any questions, please call Toll Free at: 1-(855) 267-3972

  3. HI, my name is Susan Hanson and I am a Paralegal I wanted to drop a line or two and let you know that if you do not have a will or a trust, just because they are to expensive to have done, then that is where I can help I do Living Trusts, Will’s, divorces and several other types of legal documemt prepreation, I am dedicated to helping people get help through the rough days at a cost you can afford. I have a certificate as a Paralegal and it is my goal to put it to use for those that cannot afford an attorney, and cannot qualify for lower cost assistance from the state, or even if you just don’t want to pay $1,000.00. You can call me and send me e-mails as well as fax me important documents plus my house is my office so you can feel comfortable, and if you cannot come to me I will come to you. I want to make it as easy as this can be for you.
    If you know what you want and the paperwork is all that is holding you back then I am the person you want to call, I am here for all your needs; I am good at what I do and best of all I like what I do. I can often save you more than the cost of my service alone. So why not call today? Call me and let me help you help yourself I can be reached at 714-309-7975 or email me at susanhanson@sbcglobal.net
    I am trustworthy and honest and have helped several people ease their minds for this kind of planning,
    Please call me.

  4. Danzo Chang

    Hi, I am a reporter from Sing Tao Daily, one of the Chinese Media in Southern California.
    Our company is doing a project right now, which is looking for any Female Senior who is 100 years old or older, and we want to send a gift to them.
    I wonder if I can get help from this blog to spread out this information.
    And anyone who is interested, can contact us.

    If I am not allow to post this information here, please delete it and send a email to me.
    Thank you for you help

    The following is my information:
    Danzo Chang
    Cell: 626-646-9859
    E-Mail: Danzochang@singtaola.com

    Thank you all again.

  5. Doug Pont


    I need assistance in not only the rental area but mostly FOOD! What can I do and who do I contact? I’ve been searching everywhere. I helped my parents and saw them receive assistance as well as others but now I need it I can’t find it and I’m in need! Please help me find the the right site before I lose my ability which will include just basics like electricity which I need for power to my oxygen at home.

    Thank you,

    Doug Pont

    • Dear Doug, I would start with filling out the questionnaire on http://www.benefitscheckup.org. That way you know what you qualify for based on your income. As posted on my website, you only have a few days left to complete the section 8 application for this year. Go to my website, http://www.ocseniorcenters.org and click on the link and it will take you to the application. CHECK OUT THE ‘LINKS’ PAGE FOR OTHER RESOURCES. Have you applied for foodstamps yet? Go to http://myfoodstamps.org/orange.html. find the nearest place to your home. For more information on how to determine eligibility and how to apply contact : Good Luck Ann
      Alfonso Chavez
      (714) 897-6670 ext. 3606

      Orange County Food Bank

      The Orange County Food Bank works with over 336 charities, food banks, and community organizations to end hunger and malnutrition. The Food Bank provides USDA commodities, federal-fund purchased food, and donated food to different non-profit agencies in Orange County that serve low-income families and individuals. In order to be eligible, recipients must self certify that household income is at or below 150% of federal poverty level.

      For more information contact:
      Mark Lowry
      (714) 897-6670 ext. 3601

      Here is a list of free food distribution sites : http://www.capoc.org/services/pdf/csfpdistributionsites2010.pdf

      RESCUE MISSION 7142474300 FOOD http://www.rescuemission.org/Locations.aspx

      Orange County assistance programs.

      Funds to prevent an eviction and provide rent help

      Costa Mesa has accepted almost $600,000 in federal government stimulus funds to help city and county residents who are on the brink of losing their homes, housing, or apartments. The money is being provided from the government’s Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program.

      The housing assistance program is primarily for individuals and families that are on the brink of facing eviction and becoming homeless. Money is even available for people who are currently homeless.

      The federal government funds would be used to provide short-term rental assistance, help for paying electric and heating bills, money for security deposits, hotel and motel vouchers, legal services, and housing searches. However mortgage assistance is not included.

      The local charities and organizations that will be disbursing the funds include Mercy House ((714) 836-7188), which runs a homeless prevention program, and SPIN ((714) 751-1101), which assists local residents who need help finding housing.

      People who apply for the grants will need to provide various forms of identification, including a birth certificate and credit report, and also proof of employment through pay stubs and details on their hardship.

      Residents of Costa Mesa and Orange County must also show bills or statements from landlords, lease agreements, copies of utility bills, or some other forms showing proof of city and count residence.

    • Hello Doug, I am a nurse gerontologist and work with many in same situation as yourself. They are numerous resources out there in your locale area, Depends on what your need and how much help and in what you want. Will be happy to speak to you and guide you in right direction. Call my offce at (714) 904-2249. I also have a directory with resources I would like to give you.

  6. The Declaration of Independence states that we all have certain inalienable rights, among which are “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” And yet, just a few centuries after the declaration was written, we seem to be a highly dissatisfied nation. According to Pew Research Center, only a third of adults in this country say they’re very happy. With the freedom to choose your own religion, political beliefs and life path, Americans must contend with the conundrum of their general discontent. Although it can be hard to make the distinction, there’s a difference between unhappiness and depression.

    Some older adults argue that depressive disorders were far less common before we grew up and became a Prozac nation. It’s possible that depressive disorders are no more prevalent now, but are simply less taboo these days. Whatever the case, there’s no denying that the statistics are somewhat shocking. Although depression is depressing, it needs to be acknowledged.

    Top 5 Facts About Senior Depression:

    Approximately 2 million seniors in the US have been diagnosed with a depressive disorder[1]
    5 million seniors may have symptoms that don’t meet the full diagnostic criteria for a depressive illness[2]
    Approximately half of nursing facility residents experience major symptoms of depression[3]
    In the study mentioned above, researchers found seniors who were depressed were moved into nursing homes at a rate of 1 ½ times that of non-depressed residents[4]
    Up to 75 percent of patients experience end-of-life depression; persistent feelings of depression are not normal, even at end of life[5]

    Now that we’ve taken a realistic look at the incidence of depressive disorders, it may be a little easier to accept the possibility that you, too, may be affected. While it’s entirely possible you may simply be feeling blue, it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your physical and mental health. In the next installment, we’ll take a look at the local and national resources for treating depression. Future installments will address depression in long term care facilities and examine the link between depression and physical ailments, such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and Parkinson’s disease.

    Be aware, be well, be happy—

  7. Seniors can have difficulty during travel especially in meeting their daily needs like maintaining the house, buying groceries, preparing food and maintaining their social lives. As you get old, even doing simple household chores need extra effort. Avoid being overly stressed and make sure to take a rest when walking. If you have been saving for retirement, you can sell your old house and can stay in a smaller one that is easier to manage. Choosing a place that is near facilities will make travelling trouble-free.

  8. We are the California Scholarship Federation at Laguna Hills High School. Our goal is to interact with our community to involve people in service related events. Currently we are hosting a Veteran’s Day Banquet in honor of all veterans (no matter the war or country). Please feel free to contact us if you are interested through our email: lhhscsf@gmail.com

    note: this is a free event and is open to all veterans!!

  9. It is my first time to come across your site and I must say that I am really pleased. This is an excellent site for our seniors to communicate with fellow seniors and discuss issues that concerns them.
    Great job! 🙂

  10. Claudia Egkan

    My father is 90 years old, is still able to drive, is mentally alert, and needs some activities that get him out of the house where his wife has Alzheimer’s and is recovering from a broken leg. She has a caregiver, but my father has no outlets. He enjoys playing cards and board games and talking with friends. Can you recommend some resources in the La Habra area that would allow him some time to socialize with seniors.

    • eric liang

      Call “The Council on Aging”, they just started a no-cost socialization program called The ReConnect Program. 714-479-0107 ext 212 ask for Cecilia

    • Try the Senior Center near you. Whittier Hospital also has a Senior get together group.

  11. Ally

    Hello Friends,

    I am writing in hopes that some of you that read this blog work in senior centers in North Orange County. I was recently laid off from my job and am looking for a job doing what I do best and love and that is working with seniors whether in a senior center, case manager etc… I have a graduate degree in this field and it is my passion to assist families and older adults be happy and healthy. Please let me know if you know of any jobs.

  12. Angela

    I’ve always enjoyed reading the post on this site but I really don’t like the new layout. We use to be able to see the archives on the right side of the page and it was much more user friendly. Now when I go to the archive, we have to choose the month and there are only one posted. What happened to all the rest? Perhaps something with a little more color would also be nice. Just a suggestion.

  13. Pizza Only Diet Saves Elderly Woman’s Life


  14. angelapederson

    Get the Answers you need to Questions concerning Elderly Care

    Caring for an aging parent, elderly spouse, or close friend raises many questions.

    1. Who should I call about elderly care health issues?
    2. What are my choices?
    3. Where can I get the right assessment needed?
    4. When is the right time to make decisions about care and cost?


    “ANSWERS” is an organization composed of health care professionals that provides free education and support to the community.

    • Concierge Physicians
    • Home Health (skilled licensed care by RN’s, LVN’s, PT, OT, SW, SP)
    • Non-medical home care assistance (Meals, bathing, housekeeping, companionship & more)
    • Hospice palliative care
    • Oxygen, Medical Equipment (Wheelchairs, bedside commodes, homecare beds, respiratory equipment and more)
    • Life Line (Emergency Response Systems)
    • Housing alternatives (Help with relocation to Assisted Living communities and Alzheimer’s Care)
    • Financial advice (How to Pay for their personal care; how to make their money last as long as they do.)
    • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Individual and family counseling services)
    • Elder Care Attorney

    “ANSWERS” is an organization composed of health care professionals that provides free education and support to the community.

    Call this toll free number to get Answers to your questions.

    “Answers” is available to provide educational presentations. Please call to schedule a speaking engagement for your organization today. 1-800-605-5116

    As a Community Liaison, I would like to share some valuable elder care resources. My goal is to help educate the community by providing solutions to questions that pertain to elder care and health related issues. If you know of someone who may be in the need of any type of assistance, you may contact me for more information. I am heavily involved with many Orange County organizations and refer people who don’t know where to go or who to call. I do not make referrals unless I have worked with a reputable a person or company directly and that has proven to provide quality service. Seniors have many needs and can be vulnerable to being exploited and abused. As a senior advocate, I feel very strongly about providing them with the right information. If you have any resources that you would like to share, I would be very interested in learning more about you or your company so that together we can provide quality resources to our senior community. I highly recommend anyone to call the 800 number to the organization called “ANSWERS”. They can answer many of your questions and provide you with free referrals. I have utilized their services and they have proven to be very knowledgeable and compassionate. They also help educate the community by providing public speaking engagements on many senior related topics so I encourage you to contact them to schedule a presentation for your organization or group today. There presentations include such topics as:

    ELDERLY ABUSE, How recognize signs and symptoms of physical abuse, financial or sexual abuse.
    Dementia including Alzheimer’s and related disorders and understanding how if affects everyone.
    Depression and family dynamics
    Placement determinations (Understanding your loved ones needs to assisted, independent residential, board and care, or retirement living)
    How to select a good caregiver
    Safety Issues (A fall can permanently change their life, how to avoid safety hazard)
    How to manage your parents needs
    Protecting and planning for your future. (Questions to ask when making life changing decisions)
    And much more….
    If you have someone you care about then I encourage you to call “ANSWERS” even if you don’t need them now, you can have their information and know where to go when you need them most.

  15. SENIOR CARE 101

    Worried about an aging parent, spouse or friend?

    Learn More About:

    • Steps to take & answers to questions
    • Managing in-home care
    • Essential legal documents
    • Choosing a new living environment
    • Resources to help you cope

    Register for a free 1 hour class: 1-800-870-7537

    DATE: Monthly ~ Every 4th Wednesday In 2011
    Jan. 26, Feb. 23, Mar. 23, Apr. 27, May 25
    June 22, July 27, Aug. 24, Sep. 28, Oct. 26
    Nov. 22 (Tuesday), and Dec. 28
    TIME: 7 p.m. ~> 8 p.m.
    PLACE: St. Jude Community Services
    130 W. Bastanchury Road, Fullerton, CA

    Courtesy of St. Jude Senior Services &
    North Orange County Senior Collaborative

  16. Correction on the phone number for ANSWERS: (800) 605-5116
    Sorry for the error. ANSWERS has had many calls to the 800 number regarding questions that do not pertain to ANSWERS purpose. Please be sure you are calling regarding the services that ANSWERS provides (i.e. ANSWERS does not find or assist with lost dogs or animals) a full detail of the services and assistance ANSWERS offers is above)

  17. Do you know a Senior who needs assistance and don’t know what to do?
    Now you have “ANSWERS”. ANSWERS is a free access network of specialist with education, resources and services to help ANSWER all your questions and assist Seniors and their loved ones in all areas of Senior care needs & services; home care assistance, (Meals, bathing, grooming, Housekeeping, Companionship, transportation, Hospice and Pallative Care, Housing alternatives (relocation to Assisted Living communites and Alzheimer’s Care), Licensed Clinical Social Workers (Individual and family counseling service) mediation between family members, medical equipment and oxygen, including locale and county resources for Seniors. Please give ANSWERS a call : (800) 605-55116

  18. Horizon Support Services would like to inform you of the 2-1-1 phone number for senior support services. : Quote from 2-1-1 website: “When you need senior support services, it can be sometimes daunting and confusing to find the right number to call. Now thanks to 2-1-1, the one-stop-shop phone number that connects you to the people who can answer your questions, you have efficient access to support services such as food banks, adult day cares, rental and utility assistance, food banks, home maker services and respite care.”

    • Dalia Levy Raschal

      Maybe you can help:
      My mother lives in the Del Mar area. She is living with my sister. She has some signs of mild dimensia. She is 69 years old, after a very difficult financial and family crisis.
      My concern (I live in Israel) is that she is all alone most of the day and has nothing to do. She is not alow to drive (but can be driven) which tookaway her freedom and self respect.
      Can you recommand a Senior Citizen’s center, a place where she can visit few times a wekk for recreation, company, activities etc?
      I would so appreciate your help.
      My best
      Dalia Levy Raschal

      • Hi Dalia, I spoke to Bobbi at the Jewish Family Services in San Diego. You can email her and she will assist you with finding resources suitable for your mother. Her email is bobbij@jfssd.org. I hope this information helps you, and that Bobbi will provide a base for you. Also, I would go to http://www.benefitscheckup.org to find out what services are available… You may want to ask her about a ‘shared housing’ program. Good luck. Regards, Ann

  19. Fullerton Senior Center is having a great Havest Day festival (lunch will be served) this Friday, Oct 29, 2010.
    Brea Senior Center is having a Health Fair on Nov 10th. Lots of freebies and food.
    All Senior’s are welcome.
    Horizon Support Services provides caregiver services, Respite care for family caregivers, community education on topice regarding home care assistance and family advocacy mediation, hospice and home health, relocation assistance, assistance with moveing to an Assisted Living community, to senior and disabled adults thoughout Orange Count, LA and Riverside. Our company is owned and operated by a nurse gerontologist with over 30 yrs experience working with Seniors. Visit our website for upcoming community education events. Telephone call assistance regarding questions regarding concern of a elderly family member is welcome: (714) 696-7230

    • Horizon Support Services: Are there any family members who are caring for a loved? let us hear from you. We would like feedback from you on being a familly “caregiver” , when do you find time for yourself, do other family members or friends help, what is the most difficult thing you have to do or deal with in your roll? Has Advance Directive and Power of Attorney been set-up? We would really like feedback from all of you out there of where you would go if you need help for yourself or a familly member, where would you start to find this help? and are there any community education events that you would recommend that would address the issues of you or a loved one that needs services of a professional in-home caregiver/personal assistant or Companion.?

      • Yorba Linda Senior Center is holding their annual Health Fair tomorrow, Nov 18th from 9 am to 1 pm.

  20. Lou

    Thank you but you can publish http://www.seniorhelperstore.com as I want to provide products that help seniors to live a better quality of life. My first product is a “Safe Step Walk-in-Tubs” that provide safety, convenience and therapy. This product is American made so it provides jobs and it is installed by a licensed & Bonded Contractor. Please call 877-728-4651 and ask for Lou Flores or call my cell direct 714-904-3773 and I will come out and show you the benefits of the wonderful tub, measure & evaluate your bathroom, and give you an estimate. We are the lowest price of the three main competitors and the only one that is American made. I hope to put videos on my website that will explain my mission to help seniors without a retirement to earn additional income from home so they can have a better quality of life. Just having money to eat a better diet and to travel would make a tremendous difference to a lot of seniors. Seniorhood slips up on us very quickly and it leaves us in a state of poverty or we can change it while we are still lucid. Get yourself more mobile and be able to keep the dignity of staying in your own home longer.

    • Safe Step Walk In Tubs are about the best tubs that I’ve come across. These things are built by americans and are made to last. Not some cheap chinese made product like most of them are.

  21. The cars that run on air…..


  22. Ann

    Amazing NASA video of Hubble views. Enjoy!


  23. Hello! I look forward to reading your posts in the near future.

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